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Nobo Projectors

In addition to incorporating the latest digital technology, Nobo DLP® Projectors are remarkably simple to use, compact, light, easily portable and highly reliable. Nobo DLP® Projectors are quiet and unobtrusive allowing both the presenter and audience to convey or digest information with no distractions.

Nobo Projection Screens

The Nobo screen range includes wide view format or high gain wall screens for improved DLP/LCD projection, electric screens with plug 'n' play technology and state-of-the-art highly portable models.

Nobo Whiteboards

Whether you're discussing strategy, holding a brainstorming session or evaluating options, a whiteboard helps you sketch out ideas, take notes and stay focused. It really couldn't be easier.

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With more than 35 years of developing innovative products Nobo is an integral part of the ACCO Brands Corporation - one of the world's largest suppliers of office products. Nobo products are simple and versatile to use & the range of projectors, digital projectors, projector screens and interactive whiteboards take product quality to a whole new level.

Nobo Product Focus...

There are few office tasks quite as frustrating as typing up reams of flipchart notes after a busy meeting, brainstorming workshop or training session. Now, thanks to the launch of the new Nobo Kapture™ Digital Flipchart, you no longer have to! The Nobo Kapture™ Digital Flipchart enables you to capture, edit and share your meeting notes instantly. Notes and ideas written on the digital flipchart pad are instantly captured onto your PC and can be shared via email in seconds.

How does Nobo Kapture™ Digital Flipchart work?

Nobo Kapture™ is a digital flipchart solution that enables you to capture, edit and share your meeting notes in an instant! The key components of Nobo Kapture™ Digital Flipchart include a Digital Marker Pen, a USB receiver and the Nobo Kapture™ Digital Flipchart Pad.

Nobo Kapture™ Digital Marker Pen and Flipchart Pad

The Nobo Kapture™ Digital Flipchart Pad is a key component of the Nobo Kapture™ system. Each page is printed with a unique pattern of dots that enables the software to intuitively recognise what you are writing (text, diagrams and graphs), which page and which pad you are using.

Nobo Kapture™ USB receiver and software

With integrated Bluetooth® technology the USB receiver provides the link between your PC, the Nobo Kapture™ Digital Flipchart Pad and Digital Marker Pen. Pre-installed with the Nobo Kapture™ software suite, the USB receiver is a plug and play device requiring no technical or IT support.


  • Plug and play solution
  • Up to 4 pens can be paired for use at any one time - great for multiple users, using a range of colours - ideal for brainstorming sessions
  • Bluetooth® enabled device
  • Minimum system requirements Windows® XP / Vista™ or MAC OS X 10.5

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Nobo Products from A1stores

Professional Presenting with Nobo Projectors

Nobo Projectors bring your ideas and presentations to life creating a professional and dynamic method to presenting. Nobo have designed their projectors be be simple to use, compact and reliable ensuring your never let down when it matters the most! Select between the Nobo mobile solutions of XGA and SVGA projectors.

Nobo Projection Screeens

Nobo have created their projector screens to meet the increasing demands of versitility and choice required. Choose between portable, plug & play electric and wall mountable projector screens.

Nobo Whiteboards

Increase demands for flexibility and creating interactive presentations, Nobo whiteboards and copyboards incorporate the range of traditional and interactive solutions including being able to print up what you have written. Nobo offer two screen solutions or digital flipcharts to meet your requirments.

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What is Nobo Kapture?

There are few office tasks quite as frustrating as typing up piles of flipchart notes after a busy meeting. Now, thanks to the launch of Nobo Kapture Digital Flipchart, you no longer have to!

Introducing Nobo Kapture Digital Flipchart, a revolutionary new product that enables you capture, edit and share meeting notes instantly!

The simple plug and play solution is easy to use. Users simply write on the Nobo Kapture digital flipchart pad using the Nobo Kapture digital marker pen. Notes and ideas generated from group meetings, training sessions or even brainstorming workshops, are then instantly captured via a Bluetooth enabled USB receiver onto a PC/Mac and can be shared via email in seconds!

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